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Questions for adding an arena

Adding your arena

Having trouble entering your arena? Just highlight & copy the text below, then paste it in an email. There you can answer the questions. When you are finished send them to and I will post them for you.
Cut here
The arena address (no PO Box please this is for Google Maps)
In what city is the arena located?
State where arena is located (i.e. TX)
Arena zip code
Contact Name
Phone # for contact person.
What is the Web address for this arena?
Total arena size
Total Seating Capacity
What type of Arena
What is the itself arena made of? (panels/concrete walls/etc)
What type of ground does the arena have?
How many arenas do you have at this location?
Give other Arena Sizes (one on each line also type i.e. enclosed, covered outdoor)
Is there concessions?
What type of seating?
What type of parking Surface does the arena have?
Some asphalt some gravel
Some concrete and some asphalt
All of the above
How many stalls does the arena have?
What kind of floors in the stalls?
Do you have to have a stall in other words can you tie you horse to the trailer rather than get a stall?
How far away from the arena are the stalls?
Does the arena have shavings and can a person bring their own?
How many wash racks?
What type warm Up area is it covered or what?
How many side gates to enter the event on horse back? (If there is no center alley)
How many total RV Spots do you have?
RV Parking what type of spots
20 amp
30 amp
50 amp
Sewer Dump
How close is shopping (i.e. Walmart, Auto parts)
How far to motels?
How far to major highway?
What type climate control ?

What kind of rest rooms (porta potties and showers) ?
Total Vendor area?
Where are the vendor booths located?
How Often is the arena cleaned or do we have to clean when we are finished?
Do we have to pay extra to have the arena cleaned?
Does the arena have a scoreboard/Timmer Board that can be used by a producer?
Can the arena furnish the timer?
Does arena have a Public Address system?
What is the announcers stand is it covered with A/C or what?
What other features does the arena have (i.e. party room)?
Can the arena be locked up?
Can the vendor arena be Locked?
Does arena have security available?
Number of available tractors?
Is diesel for tractors furnished?
Estimated distance behind arena available for riding
What type drag is available? (Check all that apply)
is electricity part of the package or extra?
Does the arena have DSL or broadband availible?

Created on 03/15/2011 11:06 AM by Bob_Gould
Updated on 03/15/2011 11:18 AM by Bob_Gould
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