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Cowboy Collection Indoor Arena

Cowboy Collection Indoor Arena - Terrell, Texas

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ArenaName: Cowboy Collection Indoor Arena
Address: 11300 N FM 148
City: Terrell
State: TX
zip: 75160
ContactName: Cowboy Collection Tack
Phone: 972-563-3300
Size: 200 X 140
SeatingCapacity: 1000
Type: Covered
TypeOfArenaWalls: pipe
GroundType: sand/clay mix
NumberArenas: 1
Concessions: Yes
Seating: Wooden Benches
ParkingSurface: Rock/Gravel
NumberOfStalls: 150
StallFlooring: Dirt
StallsMandatory: No
Stalls_close: 1-50 feet away
Shavings: No bring your own
WarmUp: Covered
SideGates: None
TotalRV: None
RVparking: None
Shopping: 1- 5 Miles
Motels: 1- 5 Miles
Major_Highway: 1- 5 Miles
ClimateControl: Fans
facilities: restrooms & showers w/climate control
VendorFriendly: Next to the arena
Cleaned: Cleaned at all times
Cleanup: Part of package
Scoreboard: Yes (free use)
FurnishTimer: Yes (free use)
PublicAddress: Yes (optional)
AnnouncerStand: Enclosed w/AC
Lockarena: Yes
LockVendorArea: No
Security: No
Tractors: 2
Diesel: Yes part of total contract
RidingArea: Over 100ft
Drag_Type: 4n1 or like it
Electricity: Part of the arena package
BroadBand: No
BuckingChutes: Yes
Number_Buckingchutes: 6
RopingChutes: Yes
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Created on 08/03/2008 05:33 PM by Bob_Gould
Updated on 06/22/2016 07:38 PM by Bob_Gould
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